MyBusiness Live!

Your Business In the Cloud!

A complete business solution hosted by us


MyOffice: Your complete desktop in the cloud!

The MyOffice service is a full Windows or Mac desktop in the cloud with access to all your favorite applications. Including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, accounting, and Email. You have access from anywhere, all the time. You can disconnect when you leave the office and pick up right where you left off, in the airport, from home, or the cabin by the lake. No matter where you are if you have an Internet connection you have access to your desktop, your applications, and your data. Speaking of your data, we back that up for you.


Online Backup: It’s your data… did you back it up today?

There are many ways to backup your data, locally attached external drives, removable drives, DVD’s, tapes, and in the cloud. With our Online Backup service your data is doubly protected and automatically backed up. We can manage it for you and correct any errors that may have occurred. Do you have SQL Server databases? We can backup those into our service as well, automatically. Do you have an in house or hosted Exchange server? We got that too. Our online backup service is HIPAA, SEC, SARBOX, & GLB compliant.


Collaboration Services: Get connected, share information, conduct online meetings!

Our cloud based collaboration tools are powered by IBM, Microsoft, Google, VMWare, and Amazon technologies. These services provide state of the art tools for communicating with employees, colleagues, and your customers. Email, calendars, presence awareness, IM, project collaboration, social media, telephony, web meetings, event management, and file sharing. In part or in whole. You can choose the services you need or the whole package integrated as a complete solution.


Cloud Servers: Need more horsepower, or prefer not to own and maintain physical servers?

Our Cloud Servers provide you with all the computing power you need. We can provision a server to support from a few users to thousands. From a single application to hundreds. From a single server to a complete operating environment. Our Cloud Servers support all modern operating systems including many versions of Windows, workstation and server operating systems, Apple OSX, and many flavors of Linux.


Hosted Services: Including traditional hosting with application based services?

Our hosted services include FTP, Secure FTP, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, Email(Zimbra, Exchange, and Notes/Domino), Sharepoint, Alfresco, LifeRay, Websphere, MindTouch, .